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The functions provided below are for members of Action Communications Internet Service to access information on their accounts and the network. If you have any problems using these services please send a short note describing your problem to


  • Check your E-mail Online - This allows you to check your e-mail from anywhere as long as you have a Internet connection and a web browser.
  • Check your Hourly Usage - This allows you to check how many hours you have been on this month and if you have went over your plan's hours, how much it will cost.
  • MailGuard - This allows you to customize your spam and Virus filters for you email with us.
  • Network Status - You can use this link to see if there are any current problems with Action Communication's servers or Backbone connections.
  • Speed Test - This will link you to a page that will allow you to test your connection speed to our backbone.
  • Support - This will take you to our support site answering many frequently asked questions and allow you to contact us about any problem you can't solve with the online help.
  • User Terms and Conditions - This will take you to our user terms and conditions page.
  • Pay your Bill - Pay your bill on-line. Currently Unavailable
  • Change your Billing Address - Change the address that your monthly bill gets sent to.

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